Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's!!!

With a mouth full of cupcake....Tatum wishes everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! This was Tatum's first day back to school last week, after taking her to the doctor on Tuesday, for the Flu results. Luckily, she didn't have many symptoms. A little runny nose, and low fever, just the first day! Thank You, Tamaflu!! So, I kept her out of school, Tuesday-Thursday, thinking that surely she would have to take a turn for the worse, since it was the FLU....but she didn't! Thank goodness!! So, she got to go back to school Friday to participate in her Valentine's Party. I LOVE her shirt! My friend, Nicole, her mom put this together for me. I got Tatum a shirt at Christmas that was leopard and had a cute Peace sign on the front, made with different fabrics. So, when I saw this pink leopard shirt on Clearance for $3.00, I thought I could make a Valentine's one for cheaper than I bought the first!! Well, excuse me...I thought I could HAVE someone make her a Valentine's one for cheaper. Sure enough, Carol came through as always when it comes to sewing something for my daughter. I went out and got her the fabric, and she threw it together Monday afternoon! Thank You Carol! She got so many compliments on it, Friday at school, and she also got to wear it Saturday for Valentine's Day!