Thursday, August 30, 2007

I just LOVE this picture...

I just LOVE this picture!!! This was on Tatum's second day of school! Of Course, I want a picture of her everyday she wears one of her cute new "back to school" outfits! And her and daddy always looks so cute together in pictures!!! She has been having a great time at school. It has been too hot to go outside, so they have been doing extra special things in the class room. Her new buddy is Hunter. Her teacher told me that they are always together! Funny, she seems to always make best friends with the boys! I am sure her Daddy will put a stop to that pretty soon! We have started soccer for Tatum, and Richard and I are back to coaching Shelby's volleyball and basketball. Our days are now consumed with sports and more sports. That's okay though, we really enjoy it! Tatum is so cute on the soccer field, and she also LOVES to go to Shelby's volleyball and basketball games. Maybe that is because certain wonderful parents like to spoil her while her own parents are coaching the girls!!! M&M's, popcorn, and Powerade is what my child lives on during PSA sports seasons! Although, they do have the BEST popcorn ever!! I will be sure to keep up the blog so everyone can see Tatum's success on and off the soccer field this season!

Monday, August 27, 2007

First Day of School

Well, back to school we went today! Tatum was ready to go back. She was so excited about seeing her teachers this morning. She looked so cute with her HUGE backpack on and her adorable first day of school outfit! Tatum is the only girl in her class this year. 6 boys and Tatum! She loves to play with the boys though! I am not too concerned. Her daddy, on the other hand, doesn't like it! He is already having a hard enough time with the fact that Tatum has an imaginary friend named Bobby. "He's a boy", she tells us. Richard tries to get her to change the him to a her....but it is not happening. She thinks Bobby is the real deal! It is so cute to hear her talk and play with him. She is so sweet! Having an imaginary friend is fun, and works the imagination. I think it is great! So, the first day back to school was good! She had a blast, and we can't wait to hear about all she learns and the progress she makes with her speech! This year will get her ready for Kindergarten. Not sure I am quite ready for that!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A night behind the plate....

So, off to the Texas Ranger's baseball game we go! We were invited to go to the Ranger's game last night by my cousin and her boys. They go quite often, but had an extra ticket for last nights game. Row 9, right behind home plate! AWESOME! I am not sure I will ever be able to go to another game again, without having those great seats! Jenny and I sat on row 9, and Tatum, Daniel, and Brandon went down and sat on the first row. They ate Cotton Candy and Ice Cream in a batting helmet. (I remember getting ice cream like that when I was little at the games!!) Richard had to work so he TiVo'ed the game. You could see Tatum and the boys almost the whole game! I was even on there for a little bit! The whole day leading up to getting to the game, Tatum kept telling me she was going to play hard!! I didn't know what she was talking about, just saying OK as my response. Once we got to the Ballpark, she said it again after I asked her if she was excited! I then understood what she meant...she thought she was going to play in the game! She was letting me know that SHE was going to play hard in the game! How cute is she! I had to explain to her that she wasn't playing this time, we were going to watch the game like we do on TV. "OK", she said! She watched a little, and played a lot! She had so much fun! We came home and watched the game on TV, fast forwarding until they showed each batter and the kids behind the plate! She thought that was so cool! She kept saying, "I see myself!!" Thanks Jenny, for thinking to invite us to the game! We had a blast!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Soccer Star...

Well, there is my little soccer star!!! Although, today was a challenging day on the field. Tatum was just not that into soccer today. She was too concerned with what was going on around her, instead of focusing on the ball!!! Her daddy and I were getting a bit frustrated with her. She had a crowd of people there to watch her and she was in "La La Land" most of the game! Nana, Papaw, and Grandma Tommye were there to watch today. Tatum was more interested in eating nachos, than playing soccer! Ugh, it is hard to watch her on the soccer field sometimes!!! T-Ball is more her sport! I think she is a Star in soccer, but a Super Star in T-Ball. Oh well, it will all come in time! Outdoor soccer is about to start. She might do better with Coach Anthony. He's not afraid to yell a bit at her to make her pay attention! I mean, she is only 4 after all! There are more important things to her than getting after that ball for 45 minutes! Who knows, all this frustration and she maybe, just maybe, could be the next Mia Hamm.