Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Bugs...

I have called Tatum "Bug" for a while now, and have now found myself calling Cooper that too! Monday, for Memorial Day, we decided it was so nice out, that we should have a picnic. We went to Heights Park near my parents house and the Arapaho Pool and spent the entire day outside. Tatum was able to go swimming a few different times, hit the golf ball around, and we were all able to eat some great "grilled" food. It was nice to just sit and relax under the nice big shade trees. It was so relaxing, that I didn't even get many pictures! Oh well, this one is funny enough!! We are looking forward to Tatum getting out of school so we can head to the pool this summer and relax some more!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wild Flower Festival 2009...

So, we decided to test the waters with Cooper's patience and head out to the Wild Flower Festival this weekend. We went on Sunday, and it was a gorgeous day! Me, Richard, Cooper, Tatum, and my mom headed out. We got there right when they opened, hoping the crowds would not be too big and let Tatum get started in the Kids Area! She had a blast. We convinced her to do the rock climbing wall, she cried the whole time in line, then when it was her turn, climbed almost like she was a pro. She made it half way up the big wall, then her foot slipped, she was still holding on with her hands, but she got nervous and decided she was done. She did great! She got to dig for worms, toss some balls, and make a beaded necklace. She did the Obstacle Course Bounce house several times, then we headed off to grab a bite to eat. "Fair food" is always the best!! We ate, Cooper was patient, then it was his turn. So, I nursed him in a chair under a blanket for the first time, and he did great! He was so good the whole day. He would get a little fussy if we stayed in one place for too long. He wanted the stroller in motion! He was so cute in his little Peace hat and outfit. Everyone around thought he was adorable. Tatum was Miss Accessory yesterday. She was wearing her necklace she made, bought a silver ring with the money Papaw sent with her, and then wanted some new sunglasses. She was really well behaved yesterday! I love it when I have well behaved kids! Wow, that is so weird to say "kids." I have 2 now! Still can't believe it! Cooper got a cute Tye-Dye Beanie that Tatum picked out for him, with his part of Papaw money. Funny, girls always seem to get the majority of the money. It was not split down the middle, but whatever, girls need more right!!?! We walked by a booth and saw Miss Texas. Richard wanted to get Cooper's picture taken with her. She was really sweet and took one with Tatum and Cooper, then when Richard went to take Cooper back from her, she asked if she could keep holding him for a minute. Richard said, "he's already the ladies man!!" It was a fun day out for our first real outing with Cooper. I think he is going to be a trooper like Tatum was at that age. We can drag them around anywhere, and they just adjust!!! What awesome kids I have!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Poor Louise...

This is what happens when you have a new baby in the house...The Cat Gets Shaved!!!

Here she is a couple of days ago. Tatum was snapping pictures of her. She was so pretty, but my gosh, the cat hair was driving us crazy. I thought that her shave job would look a little bit better, but what do you expect when you take her to a Country Vet? He got the job done, no frills about it!! We should have done this years ago!!

She looks sick, but all we can do is laugh! Even Tatum laughs about it and I was a little worried about how she would react to her best friend getting tortured. The poor cat won't even sit on her butt unless she is on her bed, or on our bed. What makes her think that she can get on the furniture, now that she has no hair! I guess maybe she is trying to stay warm? Whatever, 3 months of no cat hair...I am one happy momma!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Cooper's first bath was short and quick! It was a little chilly for him. I now know to put a hand towel down on the bath seat before getting him wet. That mesh was a little cold. But, when the warm water was squeezed down on him, he sure seemed to like it!!

Whoa, Daddy sure is Brave!! We think Cooper is so small, but he sure looks big in Tatum's arms! I did have to warn her to NEVER do this alone!!! I think she knows!

Sorry about the turned picture. Not sure why it turned like that when I put it on here. But HOW CUTE IS HE???

This was our first trip to the doctor with Cooper. He was only 6 days old. That is exactly how old Tatum was on her first trip to the doctor. He had to go for a weight check and also a jaundice check. All is good, he was down to 7lb. 7oz. when we left the hospital on Friday, and by Monday he was back up to 8lb. 2 oz. Only 1 ounce away from his birth weight. Dr. Katz said that is great, babies are usually not back up to their birth weight till 2 weeks, and he made it back in a week!! My Big Boy!!!

Tatum had a fundraiser at school that was selling Cookie Dough. Yesterday was pick up day for it all, so we had to go out and deliver all the goods. So, off we went to several homes, Cooper and I stayed in the car until we got to Nana and Papaw's. We hung out over there for a while and then went to eat dinner at Spring Creek BBQ. It was Cooper's first dining out at an Eatery! So, we took a picture of course! He was good the whole time till the very end, he wanted to eat. So, when we left, I sat in the front seat of the car in the parking lot and nursed him, enough to get home.

When we got home, Daddy decided to play photo opt, instead of getting Tatum to bed quick. It was already past her bedtime, but how could I get upset, when he got all these cute little pictures of Cooper and Tatum in bed together! Seems like it might be like this in a couple of years! Cooper wanting to sleep with his big sister!! It was so cute to see my babies cuddling together!!! He looked so little up next to her in the big bed!!

Sweet Bedtime Kisses!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Cooper Has Arrived!!!

Meet Cooper! He arrived on May 5th, 2009. 5:18pm, 8 pounds 3 ounces, 21 inches. Boy, do we love him! He is just the sweetest little thing around!! It is cute to see Tatum around him. We will need some time getting her completely adjusted, but she will do great! We just got home tonight around 6:30pm. We are all tired, and of course, Cooper's perfect behavior is not the same here at home. All he wants to do is eat!! Silly boy! He will soon adjust too!!!
Love these sweet kisses!!! More pictures to come! Let ME adjust!!!