Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pumpkin Patch.....

We headed out to the Owen's Spring Creek Farm today! They have fun activities for the kids to do, along with the Pumpkin Patch. It is so hard to get great snap shots of Tatum these days! She is so active, I can't get her to look at the camera! The pictures above are good enough! I will have to take her outside in our front yard to get more of just her and pumpkins! Maybe I can get her undivided attention that way! Oh, check out the last picture on the slide show!! That was Tatum having to leave the Pumpkin Patch! She was having so much fun, we had to DRAG her out of there! And, she cried for about 20 minutes in the car! Fall is my favorite time of year! I just wish that we lived somewhere that we could actually have Fall weather. Oh well, we have fun either way, we just sweat a little doing it!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Day at the Zoo...

We went to the Dallas Zoo yesterday. Tatum was out of school for Fair Day, so we decided to take her down there. We are members, so it make for a nice, inexpensive day! She loves to see all the animals! The giraffe was her favorite today! She usually loves the Elephants! This first picture is a picture that I take of her every time we go to the zoo. It all started years ago when Shelby was little and we took a picture of her sitting in this baby elephants lap. So, to carry on the tradition, I started doing this with Tatum the very first time we took her to the zoo. We have several of these pictures, starting from when she was maybe 10 months old. The pictures we have of her in the baby elephants lap are some of my very favorite pictures of her! I love to see how much she grows between trips to the zoo!

The Gorilla's were really cool this trip. Usually they are just laying around, sometimes where we can't even see them. Yesterday, they were pretty active. This one, in the picture, was right next to the glass. We were so close to him. He is huge, and it is really amazing how human like they really are! His eyes really freak me out! Looks like a man, in a costume! Tatum was not quite sure about him. I think we were a little too close for her fancy!

Here is Tatum's little brother...not really, but I love this picture. I think it is so funny! The zoo has so many fun statues. I always like to take her pictures with them. Not sure why, it's just something that I do every time we go! Tatum loves to get on the computer and see all her pictures with the funny animals at the zoo. She likes to tell me all about them, and what she saw them doing that day!

This last picture is of "My Two Monkeys," watching a mama monkey and her baby! They were so cute! A little baby Columbus Monkey and his mommy and even his daddy playing around right near the fence. We stopped and watch them for a while! Tatum thought he was so cute! And I just had to capture this picture of the two of them watching so intently! So, our day was fun! Hot, but exciting. There was a lot of action at the zoo, that we don't always get to see! Tatum has already asked me if we were going back to the zoo today! I told her not today, so she asked if we were going tomorrow!! I can't wait until the weather cools down and we really can go more often!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

How sweet....

Ok, really...How cute is this? First of all, could she have anymore animals and babies in her bed at the same time?? I just love it when she is sleeping, cuddling her Bitty Baby like a little mommy!

The American Girl store is opening in 1 month! We are so excited! We can't wait to go and check out all the different Bitty Baby clothes and accessories that they have in the store. I am not quite sure why Nana and I keep getting Bitty Baby clothes for every holiday, she is naked 99.9% of the the time!! Maybe Santa can bring us the Bitty Twins this year!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Just a box...

Remember when we were young and had such great imaginations? Well, Tatum is doing that now! She is so funny. I had a Southern Living box left over in the living room. She decided to get all her cats and babies and make a bed out of this box! She would have me cover her up, and she would go "nite nite". The other evening I told her to go get in bed, I would be there in a minute to tickle her back. A few minutes went by and I went to her room to tuck her in...she was missing!!! I called for her, no response... went looking for her... and this is where I found her. I told her she needed to get in bed. She informed me that this WAS her new bed!!! "Oh no, get in your OLD bed... now!!!" She is so silly! She thinks this box is just the greatest thing of all! What cheap entertainment!! Can't I throw all her toys out now??? Please!?!?