Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's been a while...

I know it has been a while since I was able to do a new blog. My computer crashed, it's back now, but I still can't get my pictures to download to my computer off my camera. I need to get this figured out. It's killing me! I have so many pictures of Cooper and Tatum, Tatum's last days of school, swimming fun, and more! Hopefully I will get them on here soon. As for now, I will post some pictures of my kids from off my phone. They are pretty darn cute too!!

We went swimming a few weeks ago, and put Cooper in with Daddy and Tatum. I had to wake him up to do it, and he still wasn't ready to get up. He cried for a minute and then went back to sleep in Daddy's arms in the pool! Silly Boy! He did look SUPER CUTE in his Turtle Swim shorts and swim shirt!!!

This is how he spent most of the 3-4 hours out by the pool. It was NOT 102 degrees yet.

We went to Emma's Birthday party last week. It was lots of fun! It was a Fairy Party, so the girls came dressed up as Fairies. Tatum was so cute. They got their faces painted. Emma and Tatum were cats, but very different cats. Then, those sweet little CAT Fairies, got tattoos. Something about that, didn't make it quite to sweet! Although they did LOVE it!!

Here's my Big Boy! He looks so big in this hat! I can't wait till he is bigger and can really wear baseball caps all the time! LOVE IT!

On June 24th, Cooper smiled a "real" smile for the first time. Later that night, I was trying to get him to do it again for the camera. It wasn't working! Tatum had to get in on the photo action!!But....yesterday, while my mom was loading Cooper in the car, he was smiling away at her in the back seat. I quickly handed her my phone to snap a picture. This is the one she got, and I LOVE IT! Look at those sweet cheeks!