Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break '09...

We have had a fun, relaxing Spring Break this year. It all started with rain, so movies were in order on Sunday and Monday. On Wednesday, the entire family and even some friends all boarded the Dart Rail and headed for the Dallas Zoo. We were really lucky to have 17 people, adults and children go, and were able to use our membership to get all the kids in FREE, 6 adults in FREE, and the rest got $3.00 off discount tickets! We all packed lunches, and enjoyed a beautiful day at the zoo. Then for the tired train ride home, which we thought the kids would have slept, but only Emma did!! Somewhere along the way, Tatum came up with the term Giraffe Nap, and has called Cat-Naps, Giraffe Naps ever since! She is silly!!

Oh, and I forgot to mention, Tatum got snatched by a Alligator, but managed to get away unharmed! It was a fun day! We will be headed back on April 2nd for Tatum's first Field Trip with the class. THAT should be interesting!! My baby will be riding a school bus for the first time ever....I will be following very close behind!!!
On Friday we were invited to go Horseback Riding with some friends. Tatum LOVED it! She got to ride Robin. Daddy was riding Lacey. We spent a good 2 hours out with the horses that day. As soon as she got off....ALLERGY attack. My poor little baby immediately got a runny nose, breathing troubles, and a red swollen, itchy eye. By the time we drove the 20 minutes home, her little eye was just about swollen completely shut. I got her some Allergy meds, threw her in the shower to get all the dirt, dust, and horse off her, and started her on a breathing treatment. Needless to say, all the activity put her to sleep, so she took a nice nap. After she woke up, her eye was still pretty swollen, but was not itching anymore, and most of the redness had gone away.

Richard was playing in a Flag Football Tournament on Saturday, so we headed out around 9:30am to make it to his first game. 5 games later, and 5 trips to the bounce house, we were headed out. We had lunch with everyone who was there, players and fans, and headed over to take Tatum to Nana's so Richard and I could go to a Birthday Party for a guy that he works with. Tatum got to spend the night at Nana's, and we picked her up this morning! She was excited to spend the night. She told us this morning that her and Nana were going to do a girls night sleepover again, sometime soon! We are at home today, our last day of Spring Break, relaxing and preparing for the week ahead! Tatum's last request is that we have CiCi's for dinner. I guess we can grant her one last "hurrah," before she goes back to school tomorrow!! So, we had a great Spring Break! We are looking forward to all that we have to new due date is May 5th. Cinco de Mayo! If Baby Boy does not arrive before that, we will be induced to bring him in this world. He is growing BIG, FAST, so we had to move things up! We are excited, I just need to finish everything quick! I have a feeling he will be here sooner than May 5th. We shall see!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Painting with Daddy...

Well, the transition has begun! We cleared out all the toys in the playroom last night to make room for baby!! Today, Richard and Tatum started the painting! She was so excited the other day when we went to get paint, I picked out a small roller just for her to help with the painting. She has asked everyday since, when they were going to paint. So, they started today. Of course, she had to be like her Daddy and wear her Ipod. It was so cute listening to her in there, rolling away, singing to Annie.

Needless to say, she didn't do much, and he definitely had to go over it, but she thought she did a great job!! It lasted a whole 10 minutes!! So, he's in there right now painting away! I can't wait to see the final product! I want him to set up the crib and all tonight....I don't think that will happen!! Oh well, I best be patient, if I want him to help!!! Final pictures to come!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tatum's School Family Dance...

Friday night we attended the Family Dance at Tatum's school! She has a blast! She was out there shaking her thing, almost the whole 2 hours. Besides the fire alarm going off, everyone having to evacuate the building and stand in the cold for a good 20-30 minutes, until the Fire Department could clear the building, it was great! Tatum's favorite part was the "train" line that her classmates started. They probably went around the gym in a long line of 10-15 kids for the last 30 minutes of the dance!! We are glad we were able to go as a family that night!! Now, Tatum goes around the house, "shakin her groove thang!!!"