Sunday, June 29, 2008

Emerson's 3rd Birthday Party...

Today was Emerson's 3rd Birthday party. She had a Mermaid theme party at the community pool by her house. All the kids had a great time. There was swimming, food, and fun. Michele hired 2 girls to come and entertain the kids. They did face painting, games, dancing, and balloons. It was a fun afternoon!! Next stop on the party train....Tatum's 5th Birthday Party, next Sunday!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

"That Yellow One Was So Awesome!"

We went to Princeton today to get new tires for my Jeep. While we waited, we went across the street to eat at this Burger joint. The place has this old car theme. Next door is a Antique Car place. They were pulling all the cars out to the parking lot when we were about to head back over to pick up my Jeep. Richard eyed the 'General Lee' and wanted to go over and take Tatum's picture with it! Tatum spotted the yellow truck! Of course, it was her favorite because it was YELLOW! As we were leaving, she looked up at me and said, "Mom, that yellow one was so awesome!!" It was pretty cool, and we could have it for the low price of $95,000!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Swim Lessons....

Today was the last day at Swim Lessons! Thank goodness! The driving to Plano from McKinney was about to kill Richard with gas prices. 40 miles round trip! That's a lot of gas, going everyday for 2 weeks! But, it was well worth it. Tatum looked really good in the water. I know she will be even better, once we get her out on our own, and she is not looking around worried about if we are watching and getting pictures or not! She was excited that we got to come in and watch today. Nana even took off work for a little bit to come see the great progress she made this swim session! We are looking forward to taking her swimming a lot this summer! She might just turn into a fish before the summer is over!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just Call Us The Cass Crew Mechanic's....

Well, my car broke down last Friday night, on my way home from dinner! Of course, it was late, like 11:30pm. Tatum was with me, and Richard was working. After being rescued off the side of the road, near some 'not-so-nice' apartments, having my car towed 1.5 miles to my house for $50, and ordering a part that took more days to arrive than expected, Richard attempted to change the Crankshaft Position Censor today! First off, it's hotter than heck outside! Second of all, it was NOT where he was told it was, under the car! It was in a heck of a place!! So, I had to help!! I did some great things, to move it along and get it done! Smaller hands were a must with this part!! I will say, he did most of the work, but I looked just as dirty and greasy as he did when it was all said and done! We got it in, he tried starting the car....and IT WORKS!!! WhooHooo! Being without a car for this whole week has been killing me!! So, like my title suggests, Just Call Us The Cass Crew Mechanic's!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Things She Come's Up With...

Random picture, but I didn't want to post a blog without a picture, so I came across this picture from last summer at my cousin, Gail's, surprise birthday party. There was a karaoke machine there, and Tatum who barely would talk in front of people at the time, was up there mumbling along to the song playing! It was so cute!!
But, that was not why I got on here to post.

Tonight, while asking Tatum to do something, she made me CRACK up!! I can't even remember what I asked her to do, but obviously she was not doing it in a timely manner. She said to me..."OK, OK Mama....sita!!" WHAT? I was cracking up. "What did you call me?" I asked? "Mama...sita" She is so funny! So, later on, I asked her what my name was, she said "Mamasita!" (If that is even how you spell it! If that is even a real word!!) I know that I call my mom that joking around sometimes, and my sister says it too, but I never really thought that Tatum was picking up on that phrase too! She is so silly, and soaks up everything that is said and done around her!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day....

We spent Father's Day at "The Ranch". We all packed up stuff for lunch and headed out about 2pm. It was HOT out, but there was enough breeze, it was tolerable. Richard set up both of our Slip-N-Slides to where there was a 5 lane racing strip. All the kids, plus Richard lined up for races. Then it turned into a 4 kids against Richard wrestling match! Richard still won! Papaw got out the 4-wheeler for Tatum to ride on! She loved it, and has been asking to go up there to ride it with Papaw since the last time we went up for a visit. The kids help paint some of the barn with a fresh coat of paint. That didn't last very long. They painted 1 stall door, front and back, and a little bit of the trim, then they were done! My mom had wanted to make S'mores, so she brought all the fixin's for those. It was so hot, we didn't want to build a fire in the pit, so Dad got out the Coleman stove for camping, and we all roasted marshmallows from the flame on the burner! Whatever works right? I think everyone had a great time! Dad was thrilled that we all went up to hang out together up there! When we left last night, Tatum said, "That was fun! We need to do that again....all the time!!" I talked to Charla today, and she said that Madi suggested we do that same thing for all the Holiday's! So, I think that all the kids had fun, as well as the adults! Happy Father's Day...Dad and Richard (Daddy).

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our Little Fish....

Tatum just can't get enough of the swimming pool! She LOVES the water, and now that she feels comfortable going under and swimming, there is no stopping her! She has no fear, and it definitely makes me a little nervous. She will just get out there, no worries about who will be there to help her make it all the way. We are teaching her to call out to whoever she is swimming towards, so they know she is coming. But when she does that, it is "here I come" when she is already half way under water! She starts swim lessons Monday, so hopefully after those 2 weeks, I will feel safe having her in the water alone. I know she can do it!

This was her "Welcome to Daddy's world" throw! Richard finally feels comfortable throwing her across the pool, like he does with all the other kids in the family! She wasn't so sure about it though!

And, for those of you who didn't know.....My Husband is a DORK!! You just gotta love the goggles that are 10 sizes too small! But, he had to wear them anyway!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Slip-n-Slide Fun....

We went out and got Tatum a new Slip-n-Slide today. I really think it was more for Richard. Tatum did suggest we get the "double" so that her and Daddy could RACE! They are out there right now having races. Tatum gets the yellow side and Daddy gets the orange. They were also playing "fumble" with the soccer ball, on the Slip-n-Slide! I am sure this will allow for hours of fun! Sorry Mom, I know you think that this is the most dangerous thing Richard could do...are you forgetting his profession!?!?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ballgame....

We went to the Ranger game Thursday night to see my Uncle throw out the first pitch of the game. He is the principle at Highland Park High School, and it was Highland Park night at the Ball Park. It was a ton of fun! I got online to look for tickets and found a deal they were offering at the game tonight. All You Can Eat Tickets!!! OK, what does this mean?? These tickets are offered at only a few games through out the season. For $29 you get a ticket to get in and ALL YOU CAN dogs, nachos, peanuts, popcorn, and soft drinks. What a deal! The section we sat in were $25 tickets, so basically we got unlimited food and drinks for $4. It was great. Tatum ate 3 hot dogs, a sprite, popcorn, cotton candy, shared a Lemon Chill with Aunt Deb, and maybe some peanuts. She liked breaking the peanuts open, instead of eating them! Richard came home miserable from eating too much! He couldn't help was FREE!!! So, it was a great night, we all had so much fun!!!! We started teaching Tatum the words to "Take Me Out To The Ball Game", hopefully by the next time we head out to the game, she will know the words and can sing along!!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Swimming Pool Fun....

This weekend after both of Tatum's Tball games, we went over to Aunt Hope's house to swim. Tatum was "scared to go under" yesterday, but today, she was ready to go! She was jumping off the side, swimming across the pool to her daddy, and having tons of fun! We are so excited that summer is here and we are able to go swimming everyday! I can't wait to see my little "Coppertone Baby"...I just LOVE her tan lines!!!!