Sunday, December 6, 2009

I can't believe it.....

After 6 years of patiently asking Tatum if she would like to sit on Santa's lap each year, she FINALLY DID IT!!! Nana and I took Tatum and Cooper to Watters Creek in Allen to see Santa. Tatum told me she was going to sit on his lap this year since I told her, 1. she needed to be brave and show Cooper how to do it! And 2. If she wants a flat screen TV for her room, she has to ask him for it herself!! We got there, the little Elf lady came and took Cooper from me, put him on Santa's lap, and Tatum asked me to "carry" her over to him. I told her she needed to walk, as she is clinging to my leg and hiding behind me! Santa made room for her and she hopped up there, the man snapped the picture real quick, and she hopped right down! Santa asked her what she wanted for Christmas, but she was not about to get back up there and tell him. She stood there in front of him and said she didn't know! That's funny, since her list is about 40 items deep! I reminded her she wanted something special for her room. She then remembered and told him a TV. We will see what he brings her in just a few weeks!! I am so proud of her for being brave and sitting up there!! She was pretty proud of herself too!!