Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall Soccer

Well, Tatum has started soccer this season. After the first 2 games were rained out, we finally go to play today. It was nice and Hot and Humid! UGH...I am so ready for fall temps. The picture above is Tatum in the goal. She loves to play goalie. It makes me so nervous. She did pretty well today considering missing 2 weeks of practice because of the rain. I watch her in warm ups before the game and wish she would put all that effort and skill out on the field. Doesn't always happen that way. She is too busy watching the others to really focus 100%. She needs to get over that! Poor girl, with me and her dad out there yelling at her....she has no hope.

We are looking forward to a fun, successful season with Thunder!!! Cooper went out to support Sister at his first outdoor game! He loves it outside, and will really enjoy getting to hang out on the weekends at her games!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Recent happpenings...

I have been so bad about keeping up with my blog, since Facebook has come into my life. I upload all my pictures on to Facebook, tag them, and write comments about them, so I feel like when I get on here, it is repetitive. But, I will do this anyway. I just realized that I don't have Tatum's 6th Birthday party on here either! Man, I have some things to do!
Tatum started 1st grade this year! She loves it. Her teacher is really sweet, has a 10 week old baby girl. Just a couple of weeks younger than Cooper. Tatum thinks that cool. She is such a big kid on campus. She has a locker and big girl desk, and a HUGE backpack! haha...when I bought it, it didn't seem quite so big!!
We went and ate lunch with her yesterday. We thought we would give her a week to get in the groove, before heading up there and messing up her routine. I have been up there several days already volunteering. I am a co-room mom this year, so I will help out more in the classroom this year, and also in the workroom like last year. Tatum is still getting use to seeing me in the classroom during the day. I tried to tell her to just ignore me when I go in, but that is hard for her. She wants me to see what she is doing, and she wants to see Cooper. We are still working on all that!
My sweet boy is getting too big, too fast. He is loving Tummy Time now, and getting really good at it. He is even rolling from his tummy to his back. Still working on the other way around. But, he will be there soon! I am nervous about him starting to crawl. Tatum has way to many toys, that are choking hazards for him. It will be an adjustment getting her to remember to keep it of the floor, or in her room. Guess that is one door that will have to be closed at all time soon!

We met some friends for dinner the other night. One of which is a Police Officer that Richard works with a lot. Of course, they thought it would be funny to play "Cops" with the kids. Hopefully this is not a look into the future with Tatum and Dylan. lol! I don't think so! Officer Daddy will not allow that!!
Soccer is starting now. We are looking forward to beautiful weather, and some goals from Tatum this season. I can't wait to get her new uniform. I will post pictures soon!!