Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! My little puppy and kitty sure were cute!!

WE headed down the Scare on the Square in McKinney the night before or some trick or treating! We had fun with all our friends! (Alexis-not pictured)

Here is my little black cat! She looked so cute! Cutest Black Cat I saw this year!!

Here is my same little black cat, 4 years ago! She was a little smaller then! Still super cute!
Here is my little puppy! I just can't get over it! He was adorable! I was especially proud of my kids costumes because, again, I (with some help) made the costumes. They were really simple but looked like I spent a lot of money on them!!

On Halloween night we headed over to Michele's for some Family Halloween Fun! Mary Poppins showed up!! Actually it was Aunt Sally, but my she looked great!

Daddy even had some fun!! We look forward to more fun Halloweens in the years to come!!!