Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Fun, Party Kinda Day....

So, Friday was a busy day! It started out by taking Tatum to school early to get her award for Colt of the Month! Her school mascot is the Colt, and each month they have an assembly for School Spirit, and they honor 2 students from each class as Colt Of the Month! December was Tatum's month! So, we went to receive her award, and take some pictures. She had a blast, the music was loud and all the kids were dancing, and that seems to be Tatum's favorite thing to do these days, thanks to Hannah Montana!!! After the RoundUp, we took her to McDonald's for some breakfast, then back to class at 10:30. Her Christmas party at school was at 11:45, so I went to that to take her teachers their Christmas gift, and I also made some marshmallow snowmen for her friends to take home with them, as a gift from Tatum. I am sure they didn't make it home, they all wanted to open the snowmen before they got to the car. Tatum's was eaten before we even made it down the road! After school, we went to get Tatum's hair cut! I know, you are probably thinking, what hair are you going to cut? Well, I should say we went to get her hair trimmed! I checked out the Farmers Almanac, and it says that this month, you should cut hair to encourage hair growth on the 20th and 21st. So, that is what I did! Any help I can get right!!! So, we got her hair trimmed, then went to the movies and saw Alvin and the Chipmunks with Sydney and her family for her birthday! What a funny movie! It was really cute, and had a lot of adult humor in it! After the movie, we went back to Sydney's house for her birthday party! She had a princess party, everything was PINK! The girls enjoyed playing together. We haven't been able to get together with The Blankenship's in a while, so the girls were playing as long and hard as they could! They are so cute! They mostly played in the play kitchen, and played house. Tatum was the daughter and Sydney was the mommy! Alexis and Caroline were also part of that family! They ate pizza and played games at the party and just had a blast! Our girls are growing so fast! So, our day was busy, but lots and lots of FUN!!!