Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Season for Miracle's...

Today was a Miracle!!! We needed to finish up some last minute Christmas shopping, so we headed out to Stonebriar Mall...again! We walked into Nordstrom, and right there in the Kids Department was SANTA! Oh my goodness, let's see if Tatum will stay in her stroller. She actually did, and was just staring at him. Now, you must remember, the last time Tatum sat on Santa's lap was when she was 5 months old, her first Christmas! The past 4 years, have been a crying fest when she would see Jolly Old St. Nick!!! So, for her to sit in her stroller, and just tell me to drive her the other way....we have made progress! So of course, Santa walked up to us and started talking to her. He sees her shirt that reads, "I LOVE MOM ( more than Santa)". All Santa can see, since she is sitting in her stroller, is "I LOVE MOM" So, he tells her that her shirt should say I LOVE SANTA! I pointed out what was written under I LOVE MOM, and he said, oh I see! I explained to him that this was a huge deal even being this close. So, he was really nice and began talking to her from a distance. He said to her, "I will be at your house to leave you some presents in a few days." She says, "I know." With no expression, and hardly any eye contact!!! She was trying to be so brave! I asked her if she would please sit in his lap so that I could take a picture of her. Her daddy would be so excited to see a picture of her in Santa's lap! "Nooooo...."ok, ok ,ok... So, I went on about my business in the kids department, and she was strolling along with me! We were about to go and Stephanie took the stroller and took her over there. Shelby and her friend Sammy were with us, and were standing right there next to Santa. I had them sit on his lap and asked Tatum if she would sit with them? Still, no, "go over there mommy!" Meaning AWAY from Santa! So, I said what if you stand in front of the girls? No! Ok, can I put the stroller next to Shelby in the picture with you in it? OK! Yea! Now Smile!!! And the picture was taken, and the Miracle made! No crying, no hiding, and we got within 1 foot of him at times!!!! Maybe next year we will stand NEXT to him!!!