Friday, July 24, 2009

Golf With Daddy...

Richard and Tatum are now golfing buddies. Tatum got her own set of Golf Clubs when Cooper was born, as a Welcome to Being a New Big Sister....little did we know, she was going to LOVE it, and be really good at it. At least we think she is really good at it for a 6 year old. Richard joined the McKinney Golf Club, so they are able to go often. They love it! Great bonding time....well, I think so at least. She has not come home yet complaining about Richard yelling at her to do it right. I am sure that will come too!

I love to watch her hit with her driver. She hits is high and in the air. I laugh when I hear the "ping" just like the big boys!! On this day, Richard said she also sunk a 12-13 foot putt. He was impressed!

It's been hot, but this day was only about 94 degrees, not too bad considering it has been well about 100 for a few weeks! Needless to say, that had a blast and they BOTH can't wait to get back out there!!