Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Fun...

We have been doing lots of fun stuff this summer, without even going anywhere yet! Tatum has been such a great big sister! I am so proud of her. She loves to take care of Cooper, and has never once shown any jealously towards him. She loves him so much and I love that! She is always so concerned about what his is doing. One little whimper from him, and she is telling me to get him. She thinks he can't cry for even 1 second!! Too cute!
We have been swimming a lot! Richard loves to throw Tatum around the pool, and she gets a kick out of it! She has really become a fish this summer!

Did I mention Richard has been having a ball too??!!?
4th of July this year was very uneventful! Tatum got sick the day before with high fever and stomach cramping. I ended up having to take her to an After hours doctor on 4th of July evening. Dr. said she had a stomach bug that had been going around. So, our fun day plans to go to the Golf Club, Take a Hot Air balloon ride, swim, and play all the events happening up there did not happen! We did take her out to watch fireworks, but she was falling fast, so we watched then headed straight home. Cooper, slept through the whole thing!!! They looked cute though!!

After Fireworks, Nana and Papaw came back over for a little bit. My dad was holding Cooper and I had to take this picture because he looked so cute!! Just look at those cheeks!!!

More swimming! I must say, we have done a lot of it, but with the temps being over 100 degrees almost's the only thing we can do to tolerate it!
This is how Cooper tolerates it. He just looks MAD! But, this is one of my favorite pictures!!!

More to come from Tatum's Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini party!! I can't believe my baby girl is 6!!!