Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bailey's Berry Patch...

This morning we went to Bailey's Berry Patch in Sadler. We decided to pick only blackberries today. Blackberry season is about over, so we thought we would take advantage, and go back another time to pick blueberries. Their website says to come early, most of the ripe blackberries are usually gone by 10am. Sure enough, there were a lot of people there already when we got there at almost 8:30am. They give you 1 gallon buckets to collect your pickin's. Tatum ate more off the bush, than she probably put in the bucket! We only picked about 1\2 a bucket. We were searching hard, but most were gone by the time we were ready to go! It got HOT out there!
We all got some Blueberry Lemonade. Oh my, it was GOOD!! I also bought some Blackberry Preserves, my favorite! I can't wait till tomorrow morning to have some on my toast. So, it was a fun morning. Tatum has already been saying she wants to go back tomorrow! Maybe next week we can go and pick blueberries. There seems to be way more of those to pick!!!
Below is a picture of the big bowl of Blackberries we got home with!! There are probably more than we can eat here!! Maybe I should learn how to make pie!!!