Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Tatum!!!

WOW! 5 years ago today, this was one of the very firsts pictures that was taken of Tatum. I remember it like it was just yesterday! I went to my regular weekly doctors appointment, at the end of my pregnancy. I was sure I wanted to wait until I went into labor, and not schedule an induction. She asked me again when I was at my appointment, I had changed my mind. I was done being pregnant. I was induced at 4pm, on July 8th, 2003. Tatum was born on July 9th, at 1:24pm. 5 days later, we were able to bring our new baby home, and start our new lives! I wouldn't change a thing! She is the sweetest little girl ever! Here are some pictures of Tatum on her birthday every year since this first picture! My how she has grown, not much, but she has definitely grown!!
Here is a picture of Tatum at her 1st Birthday party! Could she be any cuter? She was so little!!!

Here she is at her Tu-Two at the Zoo Birthday party! She still loves the zoo!!

On her 3rd Birthday....eating cupcakes!!!

The aftermath of eating cupcakes on her 4th birthday!!! Sure looked good!!!

Having fun at her 5th Birthday Party!!! We can't wait for the many more years of exciting Birthday's with Tatum!!!

Today, we took Tatum to Hawaiian Falls for her "real" birthday. She LOVED it! She was able to go down more rides than I expected. Her favorite was the Doubles Tube Ride. Of course, Mommy was her favorite person to ride this with!!! Maybe because I made it more fun, by screaming and yelling WhoooHoooo, the whole way down!! She joined in on that fun too!! Richard bought her an ice cream cone with "Birthday Cake" flavored ice cream! Good thing, because tonight at dinner, she fell asleep before her brownie and ice cream was served at the restaurant! She had a long, FUN day!!!
She got a trampoline from Mommy and Daddy for her birthday! Nana and Papaw got her the enclosure. She has had a blast jumping on it everyday! She even got her Nana out there to jump with her!!!

So, I think Tatum had a great birthday this year! She will start Kindergarten in a couple of months, and we will have many more changes, and LOTS more fun! We are so blessed to have such a beautiful, healthy little girl!! Thanks to all who helped us celebrate Tatum's birthday and life this year!!!