Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Poor not Tatum...

So, last night was an eventful one! Richard played 2 softball games, one at 7pm, and one at 9pm. We basically spent the evening at the ball field! We got through the first game, hung out a while, then started the next. 20 seconds left in the game, Richard is playing short stop, like he always does, the ball is hit, a hard grounder to short, bounces hard right in front of Richard, his glove is down to receive it, it then pops up and hits him HARD in the mouth! OOOHHHH.....was all anyone could say. His mouth instantly fills up with blood, he spits it out, and the first thing he asks the third basemen is, "tell me my teeth are still there!" Paul looks, "Yes, they are there." Next thing Richard asks, "tell me they are not loose!" Paul checks by pushing on his teeth, Richard yells in pain, Paul says, "nope, their fine!" Thank God! That was Richard biggest fear! He wanted all his teeth! He is so lucky they are all still in there, not loose or chipped, or MISSING! He puts ice on them, gets the bleeding to stop, and gets back out there to finish the game. What a tough guy! After the game, we were checking it all out. It was pretty nasty. The cut on the outside of his mouth, didn't look too bad, but was getting bigger the more he swelled. The inside of his mouth the main concern. His gums were immediately bruised, and he had a huge gash out of the inside of his lip. We were advised to take him to the ER to see about stitches. Of course, he is 29 and has never had stitches or broken bones in his very active life. He has been very lucky. So, he was freaking out that he was going to have to have needles in his face. Why are guys such BABIES? Well, he needed them, he only needed 3 on the outside, and 1 on the inside of his mouth. He was so lucky it wasn't a lot worse. We have seen some bad stuff on the softball fields in the last 10 years, we are lucky he wasn't one of those others!! So, once the swelling goes down, and the stitches are out, hopefully he won't have anything to show for this eventful evening, but a blog of course!!!