Friday, May 16, 2008

A Day in the Country....

Tatum and I decided to go out to the "Ranch" to see Papaw today! The weather was Beautiful, so it made for a nice visit!!
Tatum helped Papaw feed the horses by giving them hay and grains. She was a big help, and had a blast. She was still a little nervous when we asked her to pet the end of Dynamite's nose! That was a little to close for comfort!!
Tatum played hard for the 3 hours we were up there. She played on the swing set, going down the slide, swinging on the rings, and on the swing.
She jumped on the trampoline time and time again! She loved it! We will definitely have to get her a trampoline for her birthday this year! She had a blast on it today! Her knees and tooshie were BLACK afterwards, but at least she had fun!!
She dug for rocks in the washed out drive way to throw! We all had a throwing contest. She's got a pretty good arm!
And this is how the day ended. She was tired and wanted to be carried. Her "legs are tired!" So dramatic, to be only 4!!! It was a nice visit up there, makes me kinda want to build a house in the country.... Maybe someday!!