Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ice Cream Crank-Off....

Today was the Annual Ice Cream Crank-Off in downtown McKinney. So, we decided to go check it out! WHOA!!! BIG mistake! First off, it was HOT!! Second, it was CROWDED!! So crowded!! So, we met up with Michele, Ben, and Emma, stood in a long line to get to the ice cream, paid $3 to get a small Dixie cup, spoon, and a napkin, then started to fight the lines and the crowds to get to the sample tables. There were some interesting flavors. The first one we tried was Breezy Brazilian Avocado Sweet Cream! WHAT? It was not good, but not disgusting!! So, we ended up trying several flavors, my favorite was Black Cherry. I could have some of that again, right about now!!!
After we had enough ice cream, which wasn't long, we got the kids some lunch and then walked to a couple of stores that were having sidewalk sales. The kids also got to paint an ice cream picture at some tables that were set up by the Art Institute of McKinney.
When heading back to the car, Tatum was able to check out, yet another, Firetruck! Remember, she wants to be a fireman when she grows up, so she must tour every truck she can! This time, she got to sit in the drivers seat!! It also had a bright shiny bell on the front she was able to ring!
So, we had a pretty good time, at our first and last, Ice Cream Crank-Off!!!